We offer the following options for those interested in training on effectively using the guide.  All trainings are provided by expert trainers at KNP Communications. Thanks to generous support, we are occasionally able to offer trainings, particularly webinars for larger groups or phone coaching, free of charge.  

Webinar: 1 -1.5 hour session that reviews key narrative elements and research findings and includes presenter demonstrations of how to use the messaging triangle.

In-person half-day training: Customizable 3 - 3.5 hour session that includes time for participant practice using the narrative triangle and responding to common attacks. Also includes overview of persuasive tactics (available to groups of 25 or more).

Candidate coaching: In-person (DC area) individual or small group coaching for candidates and elected officials. ~1 hr. Phone coaching also available.

For more information on climate communications training opportunities, please
contact us at info@BreakthroughStrategiesandSolutions.com or by using the contact form below.

I had the opportunity to participate in the Climate Change Communications webinar on 11/6/15. I found the presentation informative and extremely helpful. The presenter shared messaging talking points that drove home the urgency that climate change is occurring now, it’s strange and severe, and it’s caused by pollution. He also stressed the importance of speaking in a way folks can relate to and understand what’s happening (threat, villain and solution). I’ve been in this space for over three years, and often the folks I need to have these conversations with are more increasingly those who are not part of our traditional environmental base. This way of communicating about climate change really gets to the core of our narrative. Again, very helpful and I look forward to additional training opportunities in the future.
— Kim Noble, Director of National Partnerships, Green for All
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